Tanooki Technologies Ltd has released its first product, tanooki, a platform which brings content creators and their teams together with a suite of tools and features that enable and enhance collaboration. tanooki is designed for teams of all sizes to
meet, review and log content from anywhere, in a virtual environment that aims to mirror the flow of real world production. tanooki’s education module provides a springboard for industry entrants and aims to level the playing field by giving them
access to industry standard tools and practices in their learning environment, as well as connections to work placement opportunities.

With deeper integration, tanooki enables individuals and businesses to onboard their own technology with the platform to create a secure and seamless user experience across entire production slates, accessing storage and launching editing toolsets.
tanooki’s public launch follows two years of proven success within Racoon post production as the platform’s first integrated client. CTO, Adam Peat, said:

“tanooki can help anyone be more efficient and creative, from a solo creator working on a single project to a business wanting to integrate their existing technology stack and streamline collaboration across multiple productions…”

Once securely logged in, tanooki’s key features include an inbuilt video conferencing tool, color accurate live edit streaming plugin, Dailies multicam player and SmartEdit for access to edit workstations from anywhere. David Logsdon, CPO, added:

“We’ve designed tanooki to not only give our community the powerful suite of tools and features that they’d expect from a collaboration platform today, but one that places user experience, the energy of real world collaboration and natural production flow at its core. We’re excited to bring tanooki’s fresh approach to the wider industry.”